TemplateVariable resource


  • post - Create a template variable
  • get - Get a list of template variables
  • put - Update a template variable


        "cancelPeriod": "string",
        "cancelPeriodI18nConfiguration": {
            "<key>": {
                "<key>": "string"
        "contactForm": "string",
        "corporateUrl": "string",
        "createDate": "date-time",
        "dbVersion": "int64",
        "id": "string",
        "nexwaySasCapital": "string",
        "startDate": "date-time",
        "updateDate": "date-time"


Name Type Description Additional
cancelPeriod string Optional
cancelPeriodI18nConfiguration object Optional
cancelPeriodI18nConfiguration.<key> map of object Optional
cancelPeriodI18nConfiguration.<key>.<key> map of string Optional
contactForm string Optional
corporateUrl string Optional
createDate date-time Optional
dbVersion int64 Optional
id string Optional
nexwaySasCapital string Optional
startDate date-time Optional
updateDate date-time Optional