CustomerCare resource


  • post - Enduser: Contact Customer Care


    "email": "string",
    "firstName": "string",
    "ip": "string",
    "lastName": "string",
    "locale": "string",
    "message": "string",
    "orderId": "string",
    "storeId": "string",
    "subject": "string",
    "to": "string",
    "urlShoppingCart": "string"


Name Type Description Additional
email string

Enduser email

firstName string

Enduser first name

ip string

Ip of the end user

lastName string

Enduser last name

locale string

Locale of the end user

message string

Enduser message

orderId string

Order id

storeId string

Store id

subject string

The reason of the request

to string

the customer care mailbox

urlShoppingCart string

the url of your web cart


    "email": "",
    "firstName": "john",
    "ip": "",
    "lastName": "Doe",
    "locale": "fr-FR",
    "message": "Hello, i can't activate my product ...",
    "orderId": "45fe46fez11",
    "storeId": "a0253398-b0c5-4c2d-a15f-bd97ea4be608",
    "subject": "Product Activation",
    "to": "",
    "urlShoppingCart": ""