Fulfillment sample Server

Nexway Monetize: Fulfillment sample Server

Nexway provides a sample fulfillment server that allows you to test how Nexway Monetize will work after you implement it on your side.

You will have access on the Nexway Monetize platform to a LicenseRequest in JSON format that is filled with all the information you need to process a request (new, renew, cancel, etc.) within a purchase and/or subscription workflow.

Example of LicenseRequest

In this example, Nexway Monetize will deliver the activation code for your software to John Doe via an Order Confirmation email.

You can try it here by using the Fulfillment Server Sample.

    "metadata": {
      "externalContext": "what-ever-coming-from-your-cart-url-and/or-your-product-definition",
      "order": "8f271701-7f73-4d35-8624-0cac91c923ea"
    "product": {
          "nexwayFulfillmentId": "74cadfbb-c263-42a7-ab2d-b403a664bc43",
          "nexwayProductId": "81e1907e-80b7-4b44-a1f0-5daefb678757",
          "publisherProductId": "MS56493XT",
          "endDate": "20170513",
          "startDate": "20160514",
          "quantity": 1
    "user": {
          "email": "[email protected]",
          "firstName": "John",
          "lastName": "Doe",
          "companyName": "Doe Inc."

List of available sample APIs

Operation HTTP Request Resource Request Description
POST /sample-fulfillment-provider/licenses/new
LicenseRequest Get a new activation code
POST /sample-fulfillment-provider/licenses/cancel
LicenseRequest Cancel the given activation code
POST /sample-fulfillment-provider/licenses/renew
LicenseRequest Get a new sample activation code
POST /sample-fulfillment-provider/licenses/suspend
LicenseRequest Suspend the given activation code
POST /sample-fulfillment-provider/licenses/reactivate
LicenseRequest Reactivate the given activation code
POST /sample-fulfillment-provider/licenses/pause
LicenseRequest Pause the given activation code