Order Notifications


Order Lifecycle

Event list

The following list represents all notifications which could be sent during the purchase workflow. They are linked to the order resource.

  • Created
  • Payment in progress
  • Confirmed (Payment accepted)
  • Fraud in progress
  • Subscription in progress (At least one subscription isn't created yet)
  • Fulfillment in progress
  • Completed
  • Partial completed
  • Cancelled
  • Partial cancelled
  • Invoice created
  • Invoice failed
  • Email confirmation sent

List of fields

This structure represents the body which will be sent by email and/or by webhook.

Name Description
id Order's unique identifier
status Functional status
creationDate Creation date
currency Order's Currency
totalPriceIncVAT Order's total price including sales tax
totalPriceExclVAT Order's total price excluding sales tax
VATRate Order's sales tax rate
payment.method Payment Method (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, SEPA, ...)
payment.automaticBilling Specify if the payment could be renewed (true/false)
user.email Buyer's email
user.firstName Buyer's first name
user.lastName Buyer's last name
user.language Buyer's language
user.country Buyer's country
user.street Buyer's street address
user.zipcode Buyer's zipcode
user.city Buyer's city
items[] List of sold items (products, services, ...)
items[].id Order line's unique id
items[].product.name Product's name
items[].product.uniqueReference A unique identifier for the product. This id is the one that identify the product in the Nexawy Monetize Platform
items[].product.publisherReference A unique identifier for the product. This id is the one that identify your product in your information system
items[].quantity Product's quantity
items[].unitPriceIncVAT Product's unit price including sale taxes
items[].unitPriceExclVAT Product's unit price excluding sale taxes
items[].VATRate Sold product's sale taxes amount
items[].discountRate Discount rate applied to the product


	"subject": "order",
	"type": "orderConfirmation",
	"objectId": "17101797d2bb",
	"eventDate": "2017-08-17T11:25:33.606Z",
	"order": {
		"id": "17101797d2bb",
		"status": "COMPLETED",
		"creationDate": "2017-08-17T11:25:31Z",
		"payment": {
			"method": "visa",
			"automaticBilling": false
		"totalPriceIncVAT": 357,
		"totalPriceExclVAT": 297.5,
		"VATRate": 0.2,
		"currency": "USD",
		"user": {
			"email": "jdoe@com2us.com",
			"firstName": "John",
			"lastName": "Doe",
			"language": "en",
			"country": "USA",
			"street": "587 Main Street",
			"zipcode": "20005",
			"city": "Washington"
		"items": [
				"id": "fd58a2e5-548c-44a7-b78d-5b246c1a25cd",
				"product": {
					"name": "My product name",
					"uniqueReference": "82165493-486f-54fa-a454-65458da64c53",
					"publisherReference": "SKU-0001",
					"publisher": {
						"id": "d64547ab-a455-4dd8-b84c-7554da54c081"
				"quantity": 1,
				"unitPriceIncVAT": 178.5,
				"unitPriceExclVAT": 148.75,
				"VATRate": 0.2