How fulfillment works

Fulfillment callback is used to:

  • Get a license key/activation code/serial number from a partner's server
  • Activate a license key to a partner's server

Nexway provides a standard fulfillment client side REST APIs with predefined set of calls/actions and a common payload.

In this documentation, some words refer the same entity: Customer, Publisher and Partner means "you".

Common payload/body "LicenseRequest"

A common payload called LicenseRequest Resource will be sent by the Nexway Monetize Platform for all requested actions.

To ease the implementation on your side, you can see the swagger file and the associated swagger UI.

You can use the Swagger Editor to generate api server skeleton code for your language (PHP, java, ...).

List of actions

Each action is associated to an event on the Nexway Monetize Platform. Some actions are only useful in a subscription context.

Action Event on Nexway side Endpoint called on your side Usage
New Order is confirmed Activate or get a license key for a product
Cancel Order is canceled Cancel/Revoke a license key
Renew (subscription only) A subscription product was renewed Get a new key or extend key validity
Suspend (subscription only) A subscription product was suspended Suspend/Cancel a license key
Reactivate (subscription only) A subscription product was reactivated Reactivate a license key or get a new one

Sample fulfillment server

Nexway provides a sample fulfillment server to test the expected behaviour that you have to implement on your side. Documentation is available here