GetCrossUpSellResponse resource


  • post - Get cross-/up-sell products for order


    "productsReturn": [
            "amountDutyFree": "float",
            "currency": "string",
            "imageSmall": "string",
            "language": "string",
            "name": "string",
            "ref": "int32",
            "shortDescription": "string",
            "type": "string"
    "responseCode": "int32",
    "responseMessage": "string"


Name Type Description Additional
productsReturn[] array

Contains the products list to return - can be null

productsReturn[].amountDutyFree float

The base price

productsReturn[].currency string

The currency. Example: GBP

productsReturn[].imageSmall string

The URL of the small image

productsReturn[].language string

The language of short description. Example: EN

productsReturn[].name string

Product name

productsReturn[].ref int32

Product reference number

productsReturn[].shortDescription string

The short description of the product

productsReturn[].type string

Product type (option, up, cross). Example: up

responseCode int32

A code corresponding to the treatement of getCrossUpSell. See a list of possible errors below

responseMessage string

A text describing the result of getCrossUpSell


    "responseCode": 0,
    "responseMessage": "OK"

Possible values for responseCode

Category Code Definition
Success 0 OK
Secret 70 secret is missing
71 secret not valid
100 productRef is missing
110 Product ref is missing
111 Product ref is invalid
120 quantity is missing
121 quantity is invalid
130 Language is missing
131 Language is invalid
1000 Internal error
1010 productRef not found