CreateOrderResponse resource


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    "downloadManager": {
        "mac": "string",
        "pc": "string"
    "orderLines": [
            "dateEndDownload": "string",
            "digitalLockerLink": "string",
            "files": [
                    "group": "string",
                    "label": "string",
                    "size": "float",
                    "type": "string",
                    "url": "string"
            "lineItems": [
                    "responseCode": "int32",
                    "responseMessage": "string",
                    "serials": [
                            "charset": "string",
                            "data": "string",
                            "encoding": "string",
                            "fileName": "string"
                    "subscriptionId": "int32"
            "productRef": "int32",
            "remark": "string",
            "responseCode": "int32",
            "responseMessage": "string"
    "orderNumber": "int32",
    "partnerOrderNumber": "string",
    "responseCode": "int32",
    "responseMessage": "string"


Name Type Description Additional
downloadManager object

Contains preconfigured downloadManager.exe links for downloading files

downloadManager.mac string

Download link for Mac. Example: http://.../XXXXXX/XXXXXX/downloadManager_XXXXXX.dmg

downloadManager.pc string

Download link for PC. Example: http://.../XXXXXX/XXXXXX/downloadManager_XXXXXX.exe

orderLines[] array

Contains all information about the order

orderLines[].dateEndDownload string

Download access expiry date. Example: 2017-04-12

orderLines[].digitalLockerLink string

Digital locker access url (if available for purchased products)

orderLines[].files[] array

Download URLs to get the files of an orderLine

orderLines[].files[].group string

The group of the file

orderLines[].files[].label string

File label

orderLines[].files[].size float

File size in Bytes

orderLines[].files[].type string

File type (i.e. doc, install). Example: patch|doc|install|

orderLines[].files[].url string

Link to download the file. Example: http://.../xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/file.exe

orderLines[].lineItems[] array

Contains one lineItem object per each product ordered

orderLines[].lineItems[].responseCode int32

A code corresponding to a potential error. See a list of possible errors below

orderLines[].lineItems[].responseMessage string

A text explaining a potential error

orderLines[].lineItems[].serials[] array

Contains the serial numbers, the encoding, ... for one product

orderLines[].lineItems[].serials[].charset string

The file charset. Example: utf-8

orderLines[].lineItems[].serials[].data string

The serial number

orderLines[].lineItems[].serials[].encoding string

The file encoding, ex: base64, text, ... For the moment we only support the text encoding. Example: base64|text

orderLines[].lineItems[].serials[].fileName string

For those who stock the serials in a file

orderLines[].lineItems[].subscriptionId int32

An ID corresponding to subscription. If equals 0, means the product does not have a subscription or subscription was not created yet

orderLines[].productRef int32

Product ID

orderLines[].remark string

Any other comments

orderLines[].responseCode int32

A code corresponding to a potential error. See a list of possible errors below

orderLines[].responseMessage string

A text explaining a potential error

orderNumber int32

The order number in Nexway system

partnerOrderNumber string

Your unique order number

responseCode int32

A code corresponding to a potential error. See a list of possible errors below

responseMessage string

A text explaining a potential error


    "downloadManager": {
        "mac": "http://.../XXXXXX/XXXXXX/downloadManager_XXXXXX.dmg",
        "pc": "http://.../XXXXXX/XXXXXX/downloadManager_XXXXXX.exe"
    "orderNumber": 12345678,
    "partnerOrderNumber": "XXXXXXXX",
    "responseCode": 0,
    "responseMessage": "OK"

Possible values for responseCode

Category Code Definition
Success 0 OK
Secret 70 secret is missing
71 secret is not valid
Order 100 order is missing
120 currency is missing
121 currency is not valid
130 partnerOrderNumber is missing
140 date is missing
141 date is not valid
150 time value is missing
151 time value is not valid
Order details 200 orderDetails is missing
210 orderDetails (line X) - productRef is missing
211 orderDetails (line X) - productRef is not valid
220 orderDetails (line X) - quantity is missing
221 orderDetails (line X) - quantity not valid
230 orderDetails (line X) - vatRate is missing
231 orderDetails (line X) - vatRate is not valid
240 orderDetails (line X) - amountDutyFree is missing
241 orderDetails (line X) - amountDutyFree is not valid
250 orderDetails (line X) - amountTotal is missing
251 orderDetails (line X) - amountTotal is not valid
New customer 300 Customer does not exist
310 customer->partnerId is missing
311 customer->partnerId is not valid
320 email address is missing
321 email address is not valid
330 language is missing
331 language is not valid
340 IP_V4 is missing
341 IP_V4 is not valid
Customer location 410 delivery location is missing
420 invoice location is missing
430 delivery/invoice location - title is missing
431 delivery/invoice location - title is not valid
440 delivery/invoice location - lastName is missing
441 delivery/invoice location - lastName is not valid
450 delivery/invoice location - firstName is missing
451 delivery/invoice location - firstName is not valid
460 delivery/invoice location - address1 is missing
461 delivery/invoice location - address1 is not valid
480 delivery/invoice location - zipCode is missing
481 delivery/invoice location - zipCode is not valid
490 delivery/invoice location - city is missing
491 delivery/invoice location - city is not valid
500 delivery/invoice location - country is missing
501 delivery/invoice location - country is not valid
530 delivery/invoice location - phone is missing
531 delivery/invoice location - phone is not valid
540 delivery/invoice location - fax is missing
541 delivery/invoice location - fax is not valid
550 delivery/invoice location - province is missing
551 delivery/invoice location - province is not valid
Discounts 600 the discount node is missing
610 foreignRef is missing
611 foreignRef is not valid
620 label is missing
621 label is not valid
630 priceDelta is missing
631 priceDelta is not valid
640 operation is missing
641 operation is not valid
650 operationValue is missing
651 operationValue is not valid
Payment 700 the payment node is missing
710 paymentMethod is missing
711 paymentMethod is not valid
720 transactionId is missing
721 transactionId is not valid
MetaData 750 the metaData node is missing
760 key is missing
Processing errors 1000 Internal error (please contact the support)
1010 Order already created
1020 The product reference (XXX) doesn´t exists
1021 The currency (XXX) doesn´t exists
1022 The language (XXX) doesn´t exists
1023 The country (XXX) doesn´t exists
1030 XML Document Error
1031 Missing or empty XML attributes
1032 Empty XML Elements
1033 Missing XML Element
1034 Missing XML Document
1035 The Id of the affiliate doesn't exist or is not activated
1040 Download Link error
1041 Cart size is higher than 16Gbytes, can't backup
1042 Product Reference XXXXXXXXX is not compatible with the cart
1043 Reference(s) XXXXXXX cannot be sold without their linked Reference(s). The ref XXXXXXXX needs Ref XXXXXXX
1044 out of stock
1045 The Id of the affiliate doesn't exist or is not activated
1046 IP_V4 and/or IP_V6 are required when the node «Payment» is present
1047 TransactionID (node payment) is required when the paymentMethod is not «external payment»
1048 The province is required if the customer lives in XXX
1049 The province (XX-XXX) doesn´t exists
1050 The province (XX-XXX) doesn´t correspond to the given country (XXX)
1051 Licenses are not currently available
1052 Internal error: templates are missing (please contact the support)
1053 your actual configuration requires at least the unit price HT OR the total amount
1060 The order is waiting for the payment to be validated
1061 The order is waiting for the fraud system agreement to be validated
1062 The order was cancelled because of a fraud suspected
1063 Payment transaction was not found on Direct Payment platform
1064 The order was cancelled because payment has not been validated
1065 Internal error on the payment transaction
1066 Payment is not yet completed on payment platform
1067 Product REF(XXXXX) is not available for your country
1068 The product XXXXX is not available
Line items 1100 Error creating subscription. Please contact our support
1200 Error on order fulfillment. Please contact our support