Product Feed

This document is a technical documentation for Product Feed. For general information, please refer to Configuration of your Product Feed


Environment URL

Following fields are retrieved in the Product Feed:

CSV format

Field Description
Product ID Product Reference unique identifier
Publisher ID Publisher unique identifier
Publisher name Publisher name
Name Product name
Misc Miscellaneous data about the product
Creation date Product creation date in Nexway catalog
License lifetime License lifetime (when available)
Keywords For search engine optimization. Put this in the meta keywords tag.
Number of users Number of user license included
Version Product version
Code_EAN EAN13 code for the box corresponding to the product
Type Product type (1: for sale, 3: freeware, 4: shareware)
Release date Product release date
Total size Download file size in Mb.
Short description Short description of the product
Long description Long description of the product
Description language Description language
Small image Image relative URL (small width 19px). Add before url.
Medium image Image relative URL (medium width 75px). Add before url.
Big image Image relative URL (large width 140px). Add before url.
Screenshots List of screenshot URLs, separated by the ‘:’ symbol. . Add prefix to build the url (size 800x600).
Categories List of category ids (separated by the ‘:’ symbol), categories definition can be retrieved from getCategories webservice
Price wo.VAT Product price (without taxes)
Price public wo.VAT Observed product prices (without taxes)
Currency Price currency ISO symbol
Retailer price Retailer price
Retailer price Currency Currency ISO retailer price currency symbol
System requirements _ Memory Required RAM to use the product
System requirements _ Disk space Required Disk space to install and run the product
System requirements _ Operating system OS list supported (separated by the ‘:’ symbol), OS definition can be retrieved from getOsList webservice
System requirements _ CPU CPU Minimum configuration
System requirements _ GPU Graphic Card Minimum configuration
System requirements _ DirectX Required Direct X version
Product.Product__ Product Collection identifier. ( Internal use only . Please do not use this to identify product)
Product_Ref.Has_CDemo_Video If the product has a Cdemo video (Video are hosted by CDemo, an external Nexway partner, we can't provide the links)
Product.Product_Ref_SG Internal use only. Please do not use this to identify product
Product_Sheet_Url Optimized product sheet url for search engine optimization.
Sale_Price/0/Not_Sale If product is available for sale (0/1)
Product_Ref.Publisher_Ref Product publisher internal reference
Product_Ref.Not_Tele If product is a box delivery (0/1)
Game_Rating/PEGI_AGE/ XX /*/Game_Rating_Name Game rating age ( XX is the ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 country code from which you need game rating age data)
Game_Rating/PEGI_DESCRIPTION/XX/*/Game_Rating_Name Game rating description ( XX is the ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 country code from which you need game rating age description)
Game_Rating/USK/XX/*/Game_Rating_Name Germany game rating age ( XX is the ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 country code from which you need game rating age description)
Product_Ref.Fraud_Points Internal fraud rating for this product
Product_Ref.Product_Nature Product nature (Game, Software, e-Book, ...)
Category/*/Name_FR Category list of the product, human readable format, separated by ‘:’ symbol
Product_Ref_Type_Label Product type, human readable format (Software, Shareware, ...)
Description/Description_Configuration/Text Description of the configuration needed, text/HTML format

XML v2.4 format

Element Description
catalog Catalog root
name Catalog name
String(25), ex: NXW
version Catalog version
String(8), ex: 1.0.5
date The extraction date (current date)
DateTime, ex: 2011-01-25T13:46:11+00:00
products Products container
product A product entity
id Internal product id
Int(24), ex: 3478
type Product type
Constant int (1 for software, 2 for hardware, 3 for freeware, 4 for shareware, 5 for try_n_buy), ex: 1
status Product status
Constant strings (coming_soon, pre_order, available, out_of_stock, not_available), ex: available
name Product name
String(128), ex: Chicago 1903
subname Product subname
String(128), can be empty
productUrl Product sheet URL (only available for Store)
purchaseUrl Cart URL (only available for Store and Cart)
language Master language
ISO 639-1 language code(2), ex: FR
parentId Parent's identifier
Int(11), ex: 1455
internalRef Internal product reference
String(25), ex: MC2031AF
nature Product nature
Constant strings (games, software, ebook, casual)
misc Miscellaneous field
String(100), ex: Patrimoine 50 Lots
dateEnter Product catalog first integration
Date(yyyy-mm-dd), ex: 2006-08-31
dateRelease Product release date
Date(yyyy-mm-dd), can be empty, ex: 2003-11-12
genCode EAN 13 code
Int(13), can be empty, ex: 3563650106012
version Product release version
String(30), can be empty, ex: V3.1
nbUsers Number of users allowed (according to the product licence)
O means unspecified or not relevant
Int(11), can be empty, ex: 1
licenseLifetime Licence duration
String(10), can be empty, ex: 1y (for 1 year)
refundable Product refundable or non-refundable
Bool(1), ex: 1
keywords Keywords related to the product
String(255), can be empty, ex: Chicago 1930 MC2 microids
totalSize Product total size
Decimal(8,2), can be empty, ex: 858.92
unit Size unit
String(2), ex: MB
drm Digital rights management field
name Short description
group DRM group Int(2), ex: 1
publisher Publisher name
String(255), ex: Microids
id Publisher id
Int(8), ex: 130
ref Int(10), ex: 65257545
fraudPoints Fraud risk evaluation (from 0=not risky to 100=very suspicious)
Int(5), ex: 10
browserGame BrowserGame elements
Only present for casual games playable in the browser (******)
url File URL
String(255), ex: http://domainname.tld/path/file.ext
shareware Shareware element
Only present for shareware (******)
id Shareware product id
Int(11), ex: 15454422
files Shareware file container (*****)
file Path to a shareware file
String(255), ex: http://domainname.tld/path/file2.ext
categories Category container
category Category name
String(50), ex: Adventure
id Category id
Int(11), ex: 3478
parent Parent category id
Int(11), ex: 1376
images Image container
image Image URL
String(300), ex:
format Image format
Constant strings (small, medium, big, 3d, smallBanner, background, logo ), ex: small
screenshots Screenshot container
screenshot Screenshot URL
String(300), ex:
descriptions Description container
description Product description
String HTML (64000), ex: Bienvenue dans le Chicago des «années prohibition»: Mafia ou police, choisissez votre camp!
format Description format
Constant strings (short, long or configuration), ex: short
language Description language
String(3), ex: FR, ALL
config Configuration container
osGroup OS type
Constant strings (pc or mac), ex: pc
os Complient OS list
String(50), ex: Vista/Win XP/2000
ram Minimal RAM required
Int(10), ex: 128
unit RAM unit
String(5), ex: MB
hd Hard drive usage
Int(10), ex: 999
unit Hard drive usage unit
String(5), ex: MB
processor Processor type
String(100), Can be empty
graphicCard Graphic card type
String(100), Can be empty
directX DirectX version
String(100), Can be empty
gameRatings Game rating container
gameRating Game rating value
String(20) ex: 12 or Violence (******)
name Game rating name
Constant strings (pegi_age or pegi_description), ex: pegi_age
countries Country code list (posix formated, comma separated) in wich gameRating is applicable
prices Price container
sale Sale price
Decimal(12,4), ex: 15.3528
currency Currency ISO code
String "ISO"(3), ex: EUR
VATInclusive Indicates if VAT is included
Bool(1), ex: 1
VATRate VAT rate
Decimal(4,2), Available only if VATinclusive=1 ex: 19.6
public Public price
Decimal(12,4), ex: 18.4521
currency Currency ISO code
String "ISO"(3), ex: EUR
VATInclusive Indicates if VAT is included
Bool(1), ex: 1
VATRate VAT rate
Decimal(4,2), Available only if VATinclusive=1 ex: 19.6
retailer Retailer price
Decimal(12,4), ex: 13.4956
currency Currency ISO code
String "ISO"(3), ex: EUR
VATInclusive Indicates if VAT is included
Bool(1), ex: 1
VATRate VAT rate
Decimal(4,2), Available only if VATinclusive=1 ex: 19.6
new Indicates if product is a new product
Bool(1), ex: 1
promo Indicates if product has a promotion
Bool(1), ex: 1
startDatePromo Promotion start date
Date, format yyyy-mm-dd, ex: 2017-04-02
Displayed only when promo field is 1
endDatePromo Promotion end date
Date, format yyyy-mm-dd, ex: 2017-04-02
Displayed only when promo field is 1
reduction When a promotion is active, discount percentage
Float(2), ex : 16,66%
Displayed only when promo field is 1
top Indicates if product is a top product
Bool(1), ex: 1
deliveryMode Indicates the data the customer will get to unlock his product
digitalLocker Indicates if product has a Digital Locker
Bool(1), ex: 1 - Digital Locker for the product
0 - no Digital Locker for the product
downloadManager Indicates if product is compatible with the Download Manager
Bool(1), ex: 1 - compatible
0 - not compatible
downloadLink Indicates if product has download links
Bool(1), ex: 1 - has download links
0 - doesn't have download links
serialNumber Indicates if product has serial numbers
Bool(1), ex: 1 - has serial numbers
0 - doesn't have serial numbers
crossUpSell A list of associated product(s) (cross/up sell) linked to a former product
product Int(24), ex. 762613
unauthorizedCountries Shows unauthorized countries for given product, comma-separated
String(), ex: "Brasil,Germany,England,France"
ids Two-letters country codes, comma-separated
String(), ex: "BR,DE,EN,FR"

Sample (XML v2.4)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<catalog name="NXW" version="2.4.0" date="2017-01-23T14:34:23+00:00">
        <product id="3478" type="1" status="Not_Available">
            <name><![CDATA[Chicago 1930]]></name>
            <subname />
            <language />
            <misc />
            <version />
            <licenseLifetime />
            <keywords><![CDATA[Chicago 1930 MC2 microids]]></keywords>
            <totalSize unit="MB">858.92</totalSize>
            <drm id="STARFORCE" name="StarForce" group="1"><![CDATA[StarForce permet de protéger indifféremment des CD ou des DVD. Cette protection est connue pour travailler en mesurant l'angle physique séparant le premier et le dernier secteur écrit sur le CD. Cette signature matérielle est la même sur tout les CD pressés par le distributeur, elle est pour le moment très difficile à reproduire lors de la gravure d'une copie. Le logiciel essaye aussi de détecter un éventuel programme d'émulation d'image CD. S'il détecte la présence d'un tel programme, l'exécutable protégé ne se lance pas. Cependant, certains programmes d'émulation ne sont pas détectés.]]></drm>
            <publisher id="130" ref="DL3210"><![CDATA[Microids]]></publisher>
            <browserGame />
            <shareware />
            <categories />
                <image format="small"><![CDATA[Microids/Chicago1930_S.jpg]]></image>
                <image format="medium"><![CDATA[Microids/Chicago1930_M.jpg]]></image>
                <image format="big"><![CDATA[Microids/Chicago1930_L.jpg]]></image>
                <image format="3d"><![CDATA[Microids/Chicago1930_XL.jpg]]></image>
                <image format="smallBanner" />
                <image format="background" />
                <image format="logo" />
                <screenshot><![CDATA[ ago_scr1.jpg]]></screenshot>
                <screenshot><![CDATA[ ago_scr2.jpg]]></screenshot>
                <screenshot><![CDATA[ ago_scr3.jpg]]></screenshot>
                <screenshot><![CDATA[ ago_scr4.jpg]]></screenshot>
                <screenshot><![CDATA[ ago_scr5.jpg]]></screenshot>
                <screenshot><![CDATA[ ago_scr6.jpg]]></screenshot>
                <description format="configuration" language="FR"><![CDATA[<ul> <li>Pentium III 800 Mhz</li> <li>Mémoire vive : 256 Mo sous XP</li> <li>carte video 32Mo compatible DirectX 8.1</li> <li>Lecteur de CDROM 16X</li> <li>Carte son compatible DirectX 8.1</li> </ul>]]></description>
                <description format="short" language="FR"><![CDATA[Bienvenue dans le Chicago des « années prohibition » : Mafia ou police, choisissez votre camp !]]></description>
                <description format="long" language="FR"><![CDATA[<strong>À PROPOS DU JEU</strong> <hr align="center" width="100%" size="1"> <strong>Guide de jeu inclus.</strong> <br /><br /> <strong>Bienvenue à Chicago !</strong> <br /><br /> Depuis l’entrée en vigueur des lois sur la prohibition de 1920 qui interdisent toute fabrication, vente ou transport de boissons alcoolisées, cette ville est devenue le centre du crime organisé. <br /><br /> Toute la consommation d’alcool est maintenant contrôlée par la mafia, la ville fourmille de brasseries clandestines, bars, boîtes de nuit, casinos et maisons closes. En 1928, le redouté Hank O’Neil règne sur une grande partie de la ville mais quelques quartiers sont encore sous le contrôle des autorités. C’est alors qu’un autre caïd, Don Falcone, encore plus ambitieux, plus cruel, plus impitoyable que cet O’Neil, apparaît et essaye de prendre le pouvoir...Pour venir à bout de cette menace, une unité spécialede police a été créé pour stopper la Mafia par n’importe quel moyen. Leur but est de reprendre le contrôle de la ville et de libérer Chicago de la pègre. <br /><br /> Dès lors, une guerre ouverte éclate au cœur de Chicago. Rejoindrez-vous le camp des mafieux ou celui de la police ? <br /><br /> C’est à votre tour de choisir ! <br /><br /><br /> <strong>CARACTÉRISTIQUES</strong> <hr align="center" width="100%" size="1"> <ul> <li>Choisissez d’incarner truands ou policiers. Créez et gérez vous-même votre équipe de choc (5 personnages).</li> <br /> <li>Fonctionnalités RPG : les personnages possèdent des compétences distinctes que vous pourrez améliorer au cours du jeu.</li> <br /> <li>De nombreuses missions aux objectifs variés : escorter ou vous débarrasser d’un témoin, vous emparer d’un casino clandestin...</li> <br /> <li>Utilisez le mode « Slow Motion » pour contrôler efficacement les membres de votre équipe durant les temps forts de la bataille.</li> <br /> <li>L'intelligence artificielle très réaliste permet aux personnages d'avoir des réactions variées et sensées (les témoins de meurtre se cachent pour ne pas être vus puis vont dénoncer les assassins...).</li> <br /> <li>Les graphismes superbes et très détaillés vous plongent dans l’atmosphère des années 30, de la gare de Chicago au restaurant Italien des mafieux en passant par un motel de banlieue...</li> </ul> <br /><br /> <strong>CONFIGURATION REQUISE</strong> <hr align="center" width="100%" size="1"> <ul> <li>Pentium III 800 Mhz</li><li>Mémoire vive : 256 Mo sous XP</li> <li>carte video 32Mo compatible DirectX 8.1</li> <li>Lecteur de CDROM 16X</li> <li>Carte son compatible DirectX 8.1</li> </ul>]]></description>
                <os ids="24,13,4,2,3">Vista/Win XP/2000/98/Me</os>
                <ram unit="MB">128</ram>
                <hd unit="MB">999</hd>
                <processor />
                <graphicCard />
                <directX />
                <gameRating name="pegi_age" countries="AT,BE,CH,DM,ES,FR,GB,GR,IE,IT,LU,NL,NO,PT,SE">12</gameRating>
                <gameRating name="pegi_age" countries="FI">11</gameRating>
                <gameRating name="pegi_description" countries="AT,BE,CH,CZ,DM,EE,ES,FI,FR,GB,GR,HU,IE,IS,IT,LT,LU,LV,NL,NO,PL, PT,SE,SI,SK">Violence</gameRating>
            <prices vatPriceReference="excluding_VAT">
                <sale currency="" VATInclusive="0" />
                <sale currency="" VATInclusive="1" VATRate="">0</sale>
                <public currency="" VATInclusive="0" />
                <public currency="" VATInclusive="1" VATRate="">0</public>
                <retailer currency="" VATInclusive="0" />
            <new />
            <promo />
            <top />
            <crossUpSell />
            <unauthorizedCountries ids="" />