REST Implementation


The swagger.json file:

  • describe operations to be implemented on your side
  • documents field usage

swagger.json can be downloaded here

Additional ressources:

  • swagger.json in a friendly UI
  • use Swagger Editor to generate api server skeleton code for your language (PHP, java, ...) from the swagger.json

REST Endpoints

To receive Nexway notifications, the following REST endpoint need to be implemented like:

The following endpoints will be called when different events occurs on Nexway platform:

Event on Nexway side Endpoint called on your side Usage
Order is created and paid Can be used to notify that a sale occured.
Order is canceled
A subscription product was renewed Implement this only if you have subscription products

Test your REST implementation

Once REST endpoints implementation is finished, its' possible to test it with postman collections Load the following collection in postman and test each endpoint:

  • nx-generic-fulfillment-partner.postman_collection.json
  • nx-generic-fulfillment-partner.postman_environment.json More infos about postman :

End to end tests

Get in youch with your technical contact in Nexway. We will do end to end testing to check that data are correctly transmitted from our platform to your endpoint.